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How to Open a Coconut

There are many handy home remedy tips on how to open a coconut. Many of them revolve around using sharp kitchen scissors to cut off the handle near the top of the coconut. It’s important not to cut too deeply into the stem of the coconut because that will cause the coconut milk inside to leak out. Once the leaking liquid is released, the entire bottle of coconut milk will sour and need to be discarded along with the handle. So, keeping a sharp edge to cut away from the stem is a must!

Using a knife to cut away the inner coconut flesh is another tried-and-true remedy. A common mistake is to try to rip the meat from the thick, tough skin of the coconut without first removing the tough outer skin layer. A cleaver, such as a paring knife can do the job nicely and it won’t rip the tough outer shell of the coconut. All you need to do is cut a few slits in the skin and then insert the knife into the hole and slowly cut away.

The second step involves extracting the water from the center of the coconut flesh. To do this, you will need a strainer. Place the coconut in a large bowl and fill it halfway with cold water. Leave it to soak for about half an hour. Once it’s soaked, remove the bowl from the water and discard the water. The middle area of the husk should be left intact to extract the meat.

Once the soft meat has been extracted, you’ll need a butter knife or other sharp tool to scrape it down further. Start by cutting a few slits along the stem end of the coconut. Use your knife to carefully cut through the tissue to reveal the greenish hard inner coconut flesh. If it’s a smoothie, use your fingers to grasp the ends of the stem so that you can crack the meat easier.

Use a pair of small scissors to cut through the meat and expose the white latex inside the coconut. It is often called “coconut meat” or ” coconut oil” since it is the edible part. If this latex gets exposed, the consistency will change from thick consistency to slippery. Once the solid is removed from the center of the coconuts, you can now use your hands to separate the seeds from the flesh. This is called cutting the coconut in half.

Once all the chunks are removed, use your palms to gently pull the slices out of the coconut. Your hands must be very warm, but not hot, as the knife will start to burn your hands if held too close. Once the pieces are all removed, hold the pieces together and place them in your blender or food processor to form a smooth paste. Add any ingredients (glups or fruit) you wish to the blender or processor and blend until smooth paste consistency is formed.

Place the paste into your microwave and heat it until soft mushy. If the coconut has been refrigerated or is in its shell, you will need to preheat the microwave on high until the coconut liquid is liquefied. Once the liquid is liquefied, use your blender or processor to chop the husk until it is about one inch long. Once the husk is chopped, break it into chunks and add to your prepared coconut beverage. The drink is ready to serve.

If you are serving your coconut water with meals that could have meat, such as pork, beef, chicken, turkey, fish, or even vegetables, you can serve the drink with a garnish of sliced ham hocks or flat-faced bacon wrapped in foil. When the coconut beverage cools down, place the bamboo mat or strip of wood inside and place in the oven or on a grill for an hour or two to cook the meat through. Serve immediately when the meat is done cooking. If you want to save some time, you can also prepare the drink and ice it within hours of wrapping. You can find this article on how to open a coconut online at Feed the Bear.