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Is Peanut Butter Good For Weight Loss?

If you are like many people, the question “Is peanut butter good for weight loss?” is probably running through your mind. While it is true that peanuts do help you lose weight, they are not something you should put entire weight loss plans around. Here is why.

Peanut Butter is high in calories, even though it contains only 35 calories per serving. This large amount of calories will lead to substantial weight gain over time and can keep you from losing weight. When your body needs calories, it will convert those calories into fat.

If you were to stop eating all fats, including those in foods like nuts and chocolate, you would drop about a pound in a week. However, this is about the maximum amount of weight you can expect to lose by eating this way. Adding fat-free foods to your diet is a good idea, but if you want to lose pounds, you need to eliminate or at least severely limit your consumption of fats. This is where “is peanut butter good for weight loss?” comes in. While it may help you feel better, eating this kind of food will do nothing to help you get rid of those extra pounds.

In addition to not helping you lose weight, eating this kind of food will also put you at risk for chronic diseases like diabetes. While you will not likely get diabetes from eating peanuts, eating a ton of red meats and processed food is going to make it much more likely. Processed foods are high in calories and very unhealthy. Oily fried foods are even worse, as they are loaded with fat, especially cholesterol.

Eating too many calories is just as bad as eating nothing at all. Processed and fast food are loaded with chemicals that are bad for your body. Even “good” food like peanut butter has lots of chemical preservatives and fats. These things add up, and even if you eat a small amount, your body will still try to store as much as possible. The end result is often a double whammy: you eat too much and don’t have enough energy, and you eat too little and have to work out more to burn the calories you’ve consumed.

You won’t look better than you did when you started, and you’ll be at a higher risk for disease. If you have already been diagnosed with a serious disease, it is best not to even attempt to diet in order to keep your body healthy. You might think you will look great when you lose a few pounds, but the damage to your health that occurs from a poor diet is often irreversible. Your immune system will be compromised, and you could become seriously ill. It is much better to put all of the focus on weight loss than to neglect a healthy diet.

While it is good to occasionally snack between meals, you should never go for hours without eating something. Snacking is bad not because it isn’t filling, but because it causes your appetite to drop. If you are hungry, you feel like eating. If you aren’t hungry, you aren’t going to eat. Your brain knows this, so it will fill you up and make you hungry again.

For optimum health, there is no substitute for fruits and vegetables. You should include lots of whole grains, legumes, nuts, and fresh produce in your diet. If you want to enjoy peanuts and other nuts, but are limiting your intake of nuts because you’re diet is high in calories, you can use peanut butter as a great healthy alternative. You’ll get the same taste and weight loss results that you would from eating the full amount of nuts, without the negative side effects.