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What Essential Oils Are Good For Weight Loss?

What essential oils are good for weight loss? Most people have heard of essential oils, or the “fountain of youth” mentioned in fables. While many are familiar with them, they can have a surprising number of health benefits. In fact, many are even considered “herbal medicines” because they are plant-based. If they sound interesting, read on.

The majority of plant-based essential oils have antioxidant activity. Antioxidants may not be necessary for weight loss, but they certainly help. A good example is grapefruit seed extract, extracted from the seed of the grapefruit. It is considered an effective antioxidant, and it has been proven to fight numerous free radicals within the body. Grapefruit seed blends use subtle, fruity scents to invoke pleasant memories of warm weather, summertime and beach bonfires.

Another common plant-based essential oil that is used to battle weight loss issues is tea tree oil. Like grapefruit seed extract, it has antioxidant activity, and it is believed to work as an appetite suppressant. Like many of the scents used in grapefruit seed extract, however, tea tree oil blends tend to have a pine like scent. Very nice!

One example of plant-based weight loss medicine that is also used in aromatherapy is lavender oil. Many believe lavender’s aroma to be calming and energizing. In fact, it has been used to treat headaches and to relieve upset stomachs. What essential oils are good for weight loss blend combines scents of peppermint and Rosemary to invigorate you, both mentally and physically.

A lovely combination, which combines sweet and sour, is the combination of lemon and orange. It makes for a wonderful citrus twist on a classic old-fashioned holiday dish. The great essential oils for weight loss blend combines lemons and oranges with Rosemary and mint to give your body a warm, uplifting scent. This particular blend is called the Orange Spice. A delicious blend of lemon, orange and spices, the scent is uplifting but not overpowering.

Bergamot oil, for those who don’t know, is a very sweet smelling essential oil that is very strong. Bergamot is another good weight loss, essential oil blend to help get your blood flowing. When added to massage oil for a deep penetration, it helps to get blood moving too. Bergamot oil makes a lovely, light perfume as well.

Aromatherapy with essential oils is a natural way to be invigorated and recharged throughout the day. There is an abundance of essential oils and aromatherapy products available in today’s market. If you would like to find a good resource for finding what is right for you, check out our website. Our site has reviews on all types of products including the many different blends of peppermint oil available. We also have our own collection of pure essential oils that you can buy and use for your weight loss needs. For more information about some of these products, check out our website.

A wonderful, soothing scent, fennel oil is used for aromatherapy and for cooking. Many people believe that the smell of fennel is calming and therefore, effective for weight loss. Fennel oil has a slight citrus odor and is not as strong as some of the other essential oils. Fennel oil is available in tinctures, essential oils, potpourri, and incense. Add fennel oil to your favorite dish or recipe and let others smell the aroma that comes with its delightful flavor.

Another common oil used for aromatherapy and for cooking is the Rosemary essential oil. It is considered to be very flavorful, nutty and has a fresh, flowery fragrance. It can add a great touch to any recipe when combined with other ingredients. The combination of the fragrance, carrier oil and spices make for an excellent recipe and carrier oil used for weight loss.

Hot bath is another great way to increase the effectiveness of your weight loss efforts. The combination of a hot bath and Epsom salt has proven over time to be very effective for losing inches. There are two ways to do Epsom salt bath. You can either sit in a hot bathtub or you can purchase Epsom salts at your local drugstore and sprinkle it on a dry towel or washcloth. Both ways are equally effective for weight loss.

So what essential oils are good for weight loss? The best oils to use for weight loss are those that offer noticeable benefits and those that are compatible with your lifestyle and diet. It may take some experimenting and trying before finding the right combination, but it will be worth the effort. If you find it difficult to find what essential oils are good for weight loss, then visit the website below.